Jul 24, 2010

400 training miles, swimming from Chicago to Indianapolis and back

400 miles of swim training year to date, boy how the time has flown. A year ago, well a bit more since it was June 2009 when I committed to swim the English Channel, I would have never imagined crossing this mileage standard?

Today I swim 5000 meters relaxed in one and a half hours as if it's a walk in the park. I will need to remember these days soon though...next years goal and the training that comes with it is just beyond the horizon.

I feel confident, I continue to learn much about how my body adapts to the different stresses of training. After last weekends 10k nationals I was amazed at how much it took for me to feel normal. Clearly the heat, hot lake water affected my hydration more than I cared to realize. This is an excellent training threshold to have learned, just like the others yet to come.

Two weeks until the Boston Lighthouse 8 mile race in the harbor. Getting excited and feeling great. This will be a great learning swim. It's my first salt water swim for anything more than an hour and certainly allot more since I have been in training full tilt. The goal is to finish with a strong time, guessing 4 hours or so, feeling relaxed and comfortable with much more left in the "tank" so to speak.

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