Jul 14, 2010

Water Temp. up to 70f & US Masters Nationals 10k Race

Have adapted back to the cooler water since the last post (58-61f) and continued swimming in Lake Michigan several times last week while water temp edged up to just 70f felt great. As you swim for long periods of time it is really interesting to learn (and sense) the amount of heat you generate in these swims. When I stop to take a break and look around, I feel warm and seconds later you can sense the evaporation of heat off your head and shoulders when the wind blows. Several days the water was like glass and I was the only one in and today it was rough and took two times longer getting back than down range over our usual 2.5 mile training course along the beach.

Looking forward to this weekend's big event, the US Masters Nationals 10k (6.2) mile race in Morse Lake in Indianapolis, IN. I'll be the first to admit that I am in with the big dogs and will learn much from swimming with them. Some world and Olympic former swimmers all different ages, men and women. For me just the chance to participate is the success and depending how the swim goes who knows, might rip one off. I don't really care for the mass starts and tend to start off a bit slower and build to a moderate/faster tempo as the race goes on. So the game plan will be that and just enjoy the next "training swim" as I keep telling myself, since my eye is on the big prize next summer. But you all know me well enough, once I lock onto someone in front of me swimming, I will of course have to track them down and keep on going.
I know the water will be very warm (last night 84f. I mean this is freaking hot tub water to me!!!) so body temp. and dehydration will be interesting.

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