Oct 1, 2009

Planning, planning and more planning

Thanks to all the kind notes and encouragement

I met with a guy and my training friend Doug McConnell last week to learn about how to use my (and Dougs) desire to swim between now and when we go in 2011 as a charity fund raiser. His name in Bob Lee and he recently rode his bike 6500 miles (yes that number is correct) all across America to raise money for several charities. He provided some great insights but the point that stuck in my mind was when he asked... what was my passion? I couldn't really say since I have been blessed with (knock on wood) little physical or mental health issues.

He really got me thinking ---- what is it beyond my selfish desire to accomplish this life goal that is important to me? So, the self reflective quest begins? The sooner the better since every mile I swim is one that could be making money. I would very much like to do something both in Goshen, IN and Barrington, IL so your ideas and suggestions are welcome. 

I continue to swim 5 - 6 days a week at 4000 yards and continue to get in Lake Zurich near my house (or actually Kevin Rillo's house for those of you that know him) with my usual training partners. The recent cold snap should drive down the water temp and make this Fridays swim, ugh cold. I prefer not to know the temp before I get in just like I didn't like having Goshen coach Brian Rathke telling me 10,000 yards of workout was coming my way. I'm in that "just do it" mode and accept its cold and swim hard. With this colder water also comes concern about how far, how long and how cold I can tolerate swimming outside. I am looking to get a kayak so my wife, Jennifer, or others can come along for safety.

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