Mar 18, 2010

1 year; 5 months and 6 days

Counting the swim

So you think your in good physical shape, or is it just wear and tear?

Getting in shape, lets you learn just how out of shape you are (were) and then learning that you are no longer that indestructible 20 year old.

As I have continued to average above 25, 000 yards a week swimming I have also continued to be reminded of my age and the wear and tear this training takes on oneself. Left shoulder specifically has been tender. I have been working on very specific shoulder stretching which is helping greatly but this tenderness just won't go away. Welcome to getting older, Oh the joy??

So, I went to an Orthopod guy who specializes in swimmers. After some x-rays and very specific shoulder movement tests I learned that most likely it is not a torn rotator cuff or muscle issue but likely my old C 5,6,7 compression from a car accident back in college that is raising its ugly head due to the workload and probably improper biomechanics (big word for poor swimming technique). Freestyle as many of you may recall was really never my thing, so this pounding has been noticeable.

Learning to breath on both sides, while sounding simple, after 30 years of breathing only on one side is a challenge for me but very necessary to relieve the stress on my shoulders and neck area. You'll laugh but often times while swimming this leads to gaging on water from not rotating my head (actually rotating my body) efficiently from side to side. But with time this will become better too.

Good news is the training will continue and even pick-up a bit in the next two months to prepare for tentative events: Huntington 5k, Golden Gate to Bay Bridge 6 mile in SF Bay, Lake Minnantonka, MN 5 mile, Harbor Springs Lake Michigan 10k, Lake Superior 2 mile, Big Shoulders 5 k in Lake Michigan, Diamond Lake 10k in Michigan and the US Masters Nationals in Indianapolis at Morse Lake. Good news this all counts towards my training goal total yardage but is really preparing me for the big challenge of a 6-8 hour cold water trial in October.

The Charity efforts continue. I have been in contact with Goshen's A.D. and working on some sort of high school fund for student athletes and the Swim Across America Cancer Charity continues to be interested. The only other one I have considered to date is adding something for military vet's. All this should come into better focus once I finish the 6-8 hour trail.

Thats all for now and thanks for everyones comments and support. Take care of yourselves. Don