Oct 14, 2011

One Stroke At A Time Collaborates with 1Vigor.com - dedicated to help people naturally enhance their health, fitness, athletic performance, quality of life and longevity.

One Stroke At A Time (Don Macdonald) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with 1Vigor.com. I will be contributing experience based articles and editorial content on a wide range of topics related to open water swimming pool swimming supporting the mutual vision of health, fitness, athletic performance and quality of life. 

Our collaboration will extend across the many aspects of training - nutrition, mental, physical and emotional as well as races and aquatic 'expeditions'. 

1Vigor is dedicated to help people naturally enhance their health, fitness, athletic performance, quality of life and longevity. 1Vigor provides information, resources and cool tools to achieve its mission.
Ralph Teller
Ralph Teller, Founder.  Ralph has been a student of Longevity since his studies at Fordham University where he earned his B.A.  Ralph is also an Ironman Triathlete and is a Finisher at the 2004 Ironman California 70.3, 2005 Ironman Canada, 2006 Ironman UK, 2007 Ironman (Germany) European Championship, 2008 Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3, 2008 Longhorn Ironman 70.3, 2009 Ironman Boise 70.3, 2010 Ironman Calgary 70.3 and RAGBRAI 2011.  A Basic Climb graduate from the Mountaineers, he has hiked and climbed many of the peaks in Washington State, including Mount Rainier.

Ralph is the author of Natural Health - Peak Performance - Longevity Lifestyle. A lawyer in Washington State, Ralph received his J.D. from Gonzaga University Law School, and was General Counsel to Shurgard and helped the company establish a national footprint. Ralph was also VP Business Development & General Counsel to software developer Raima Corporation where he played a key role in quadrupling revenues over 17 consecutive profitable quarters that resulted in a successful acquisition by a publicly traded company. 

Oct 6, 2011

Swim Lesson Part 2 - Video

My Journey to Swim the English Channel has taken a bit of a detour, as this seasons attempt was washed out by bad weather, but now reflecting on my three year Journey am today announcing that I have launched an even larger and ambitious goal that will take me around the world, back to the English channel at some point, swimming one body of water at a time. 

As part of this Journey I have committed myself to teaching kids and parents about being or becoming more resilient through the lens of my experiences. This is a multi-year perhaps decade Journey.

I am speaking at schools (just completed a 1000 student Junior High), business events and social clubs using a short video montage of swim experiences to communicate the Journey and to entertain subliminally linking the ups and downs, the success and failure, the day-to-day challenges to myself, family and friends to the message of resiliency.

I am a teacher, just an ordinary Joe, but strongly feel these skills are essential to changing our society from the sometimes over coddled, under parented/over parented issues that now grip our kids and families.