Dec 6, 2009

Deep in winter workouts

Workout yardage continues at 20 - 25,000 yards a week but now have added 2 weight lifting sessions per week and on those days cut back yardage a bit to balance my energy needs. This of course means I had to up the yardage on the remaining days. Pretty sore, so taking these weeks slow and steady to protect my shoulders as I build up muscle. Despite being tired and a now able easily repeating 100's at 1:15 minutes and typically hold these for 1000 - 2000 yards within a total workout of 5000. So despite be sore and tired the base conditioning continues to improve which is a nice step forward.

For all you old Goshen swimmers you'll remember this classic christmas swim set ... 100 x 100 yards ... The Lattoff YMCA nearby my house is hosting a swim meet in December and the only race is 100 x 100. This will be a good test of both my mental and physical conditioning (thats 10,000 yards or 5.6 miles but in a very boring 25 yard pool). I'll be able to test some of my nutrition supplements and timing of taking them for longer swims (high glucose gelpak's and electrolite replacement drinks).

I continue to seek out a charity to link/support with my efforts. I sent an email to the CEO of "Swim across America" to see if they might be interested, they sponsor all sorts of swims throughout the US on behalf of the american cancer society. Waiting to hear back on this one. I also have given some thought to setting up a specific scholarship drive for Goshen athletics that folks from Goshen could support and the same for the town I live in now Barrington, IL.

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