Jun 24, 2010

College memories

Just a short note. Went to Bloomington to pick up my daughter, Rachel, from swim camp. What a fabulous swimming pool and facility (the new one...for Katie and Dave oplinger). Anyway had the chance to jump in the outdoor pool and get in a 7200 meter workout partially on my own and then finished up with the Bloomington club team. You will laugh, good news is I was able to keep up with kids likely two ot three times my junior, but bad news is I was in ( with all due respect the girls 15 and older lane)! The coach jeff landue (Sorry for not spelling correctly) was great in letting me swim. Not too often I get to workout in a 50 meter pool. I will get up early and head back for an early workout before I pick up Rachel. I love Bloomington and just had to call Katie ( my sister for those of you who are following butndont know) as she was a real big shot at IU following Dave Oplinger as well a few years before.

Anyway, great time, great work out and just like being home with mom and my apple pie. go Hoosiers.

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