Oct 2, 2010

Qualifying Swim on Hold

"All good things come to those that wait"

After a week of good cold swims (low 60f's and air temp's in the 40f's) we were hoping for a green light for the big qualifying swim but mother nature had another idea. Saturday (Today) and Sunday winds are 20 knots plus which makes the wind chill a huge factor on top of swimming in 60f water. 

We are holding and unfortunately for me the next window will be in two weeks as family and business occupy the following weekend. 

I will share with whom reads this blog that a bit of anxiety has persisted in my thoughts. Stepping into this unknown mental and physical territory has raised some small doubts about what happens when and if I hit the wall, like marathon runners? I have never swum this far before time wise but am confident that the distance is well within reach. But given the variables its just one of those steps that must be taken.

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