Sep 22, 2009

Switching gears - season change and so must I

A little break and now back at it both in the pool and organizationally.

Masters practice has moved indoors and back to M,W and Sat. am schedule with weekedays at 8pm (ugh!) and Sat. in the morning. So looking for fill-in workouts on the other days. Good news is the winter season is a chance to work on stroke technique, duel side breathing and pacing.

Continue to swim a couple times a week in Lake Zurich at 630am. Pretty consistent at 2 miles per session feeling very comfortable. This Friday for fun thought I would go around twice for a 4 miler. Water temp seems to be staying in the upper 60'sf but I am determined to see what happens when it gets below 60f in the coming weeks. I really need to push this limit (with people along for safety in kayak's) so I know what more needs to be done. I understand cold is the killer in the channel and the only heater will be my swimming engine. Doug and others from the Lake Zurich group continue so the company is always welcomed. THey love this as much as I do. Love working out with these guys and the other masters in Barrington. Great competitive group and this pushing, especially with Doug, will pay dividends down the line.

Will begin weights and core excercise slowly over the next few weeks and keep this going all winter as I want to prepare for what lies ahead this next summer, lots of open water races and the swim portion of Tri's. My goal is to do my 6 hour hour cold water swim which is required per the channel organizing group to even qualify.

Finally, One fun note on Doug McConnel's friend, who I have yet to meet, Mike Solburg who just swam the channel last Friday in 13:31. Started in the morning and finished after mid-night. I watched his GPS tracking system live throughout the day and found myself nervous, motivated, impressed, so encouraged and yet found myself asking deep down "what in the hell are you thinking" and "am I willing to accept the punishment (mentally and physically)between now and then to accomplish this life long goal". The answer keeps coming back absolutely. I am committed, focused and will prepare myself through the next 12-24 months with milestones that will purposely test my metal. Cold, dark and rough water will become my friend.

I will know before I even get in the channel water..I have already done what is necessary. Then it is up to the gods.

In honor of Mikes accomplishment, here are some pictures from his swim:


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