May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend Training swims

A weekend of solid training was had in Morse Reservoir, Noblesville, IN site of the up coming USMS National 25k race. Friday - 5k, sat 10k, sun 5k = total 20k. More of these longer swims to come now counting by hours rather than yards and miles. 

My hosts getting ready for the mornings swim

Here is a picture below at 7am just before taking off for a 10k (6.2 mile) training swim. Now you can begin to understand why OW swimming has such appeal, calm, quite, beautiful. Water was 66-68f  and the sun just peeking over the trees made for a relaxing and wonderful weekend. I was leaving from the dock of the race director, Dick Sidner and was lucky to be swimming with an exceptional group of OW swimmers Jim Barber (English Channel among others) and Victoria Rain (Catalina Channel among others) and others. 

Wow, they are fast! I just motored along in my usual way as the constant 'turtle' in the race approach works for me. I swam consistently at 1 hr 15-20 min. per 5k pace. I was at a bit of a loss for nutrition supplied energy however, I did not bring on this trip my Maxim carbo loader so regular gatorade and Gu energy packs were the meal of the day. I was pleased with the results regardless as my base training allowed me to keep going comfortably but noticed afterwards on Sunday I was a bit more tired than usual, so the lack of re-fueling probably came home roost in the muscles.

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