Sep 11, 2009

Aquatic Park, San Francisco training

Arrived in San Francisco in the early afternoon and was met by mom and dad and then went to sister kates house where we hung around for a few hours. Great to see evveryone but miss my wife, Jennifer, since she needed to stay home. This trip was really a daddy/daughter excursion kind of like Indian Princesses we used to go on so fun by all. Kate and I made our way down to Aquatic Park to join a group of swimmers at 6pm for a swim in the Bay and around aquatic park.

Probably 35 folks were there most in wetsuits and a few in bareskin (love that just like me). Got right at it after initial course instruction and enjoyed the 61f water for almost a mile. I found myself struggling with salt water in the mouth (just not used to it) for a bit but just like anything else will learn as time/trining miles pass. I felt strong and was able to increase my tempo freely as we swam back into the protected park area from the open bay. Warmed down a bit and got out. It was windy and got the shivers until I was able to rinse off salt water and get dressed but this passed quickly.

In all a good solid first test of swimming for probably 30 minutes in cold, murky slightly wavy water. Cold training is the key past basic endurance. Get some more in Friday and the race Saturday morning.

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