Aug 6, 2018

Chicago River Swim - Challenge Fundraising

What in the heck is Don Macdonald up to Now?

August 25th, 2018 I will jump in the Chicago River, defying the City's fears the river is toxic, death, legality, and a myriad of other nonsensical urban myths. 

"I'm charging ahead doing something positive for Chicago". 

Admittedly our City needs positive news, good things to happen. As one voice, I can only lead by doing rather than talking. Bringing attention to the our 'City's heart' its less-and-less polluted status, hoping for a brief moment to get people to Stop, Think, Lay Down their Guns, Arguments, and Differences and come watch something nutty!

The river is our city's heart, if we don't take better care of it, like ourselves, were dead. 

Donate to this charity event, this positive and inspirational Chicago Jump and take "One Stroke at a Time" with me to live!

100% of funds raised goes to Friends of the Chicago River.

Donation Link: